The big “KISS OFF”

A couple weeks ago or months, don’t really remember, something caught my attention I did took the time to read it and to see the amount of people reaching out to it. Portuguese Plaboy Magazine working on a campaign that seemed fair to the naked eye, and to be honest in the past I wouldn’t hold to run for it, but at some point in our careers we need to say enough or at least we need to know where the line between a good chance to get your name out there and a chance for the entity to get free of charge editorial/articles, do I blame the Magazine? NO, not at all, that’s how our society runs for ages, nothing new, but to see the amount of photographers reaching out for a chance to get their names out made me think about something really close to me. A fellow Photographer did contribute for the Magazine in the past, yes contribute, do you know the meaning? but wait, this wasn’t the deal, the deal was to get payed for the editorials, just like any professional worker or someone that knows his value, whatever it might be, the Magazine never payed a cent, but hopefully it will and everyone will move on. Again, nothing against the Magazine, whatever their policy is, whatever their goals are by publishing it, nothing to deal with me, but myself being a Photographer, something made me repost their campaign and AGAIN, not bullying the Magazine but sending a message to young Photographers, YOU HAVE A PRICE, working for free its a decision you will make in the future, it’s natural, you got friends with brands, you know people in cooperations, whatever that may be, you’re the one to decide that, your talent is natural, you take amazing pictures, the framing, the light, the shadows, there’s a bunch of ways to photograph, but they way you do it, it’s you, that’s it, I’m sure theres a couples Photographers you dig and get inspired by their work, I do it everyday, look up at people that I dig their work and get the gain to go out and do my work.

Where did it change? where did it go? I’ve found myself looking at people just “working” to get “payed” on the newest currency, likes? is there any food market that allows you to grab food and pay with “likes”? Where did the value and the love to actually point your camera and take a photo where it doesn’t matter the subject, but…in the end…it’s all about  a square in a APP? How can you shoot something and be thinking only about yourself? – “this pic will look so good in a 1×1 format on my feed”. This makes me sad in a way, not that I really care about if you ruining the market, because that one…well it’s fucked for a long time, I’m worried about you as a young Photographer, it’s easy, if you never ask for money in return you will never get it in the future, because people who run Magazines like this, or brands, or whatever will always be looking for the newest social network famous photographer, and soon your ego hits you, there you go, you finally take the position where you say enough, no money no funny, and they will turn around and get a new one, and there you go, not saying you will not making, not at all, keep doing it and so on, someday it might work and there you go, happy happy happy.

This was my point when I repost the Portuguese Playboy campaign, little did I know that my life would take a slap out of someone who STILL in 2016 hides behind a screen and reports and spams people with hate mail and so on…

1st –  I did get reported by the repost, (image that you can see in this post), saying it contain nudity – 24h Blocked

2nd – I did post the a screen image of the report with the same image – reported again saying it contain nudity – 48h Blocked

3rd – Well I guess someone did get offend by it, let me chill, really not into cyber wars  – OH WAIT – the link of my website which is on my ABOUT page – reported, guess what? it contains nudity – 7 days Blocked

and finally today, my page MIKE GHOST where I post the news on my site – reported – nudity – 30 days Blocked and the page shutdown

Now I wonder, who the hell would put so much effort in something like this, honestly I hope it’s not someone from the Magazine, come on, why would you worry about a random photographer with such small following when the post was not about you? Sure thing I did use the post to make a point about photographers, still don’t we live in a free country, free speech right? Then I thought if it could be someone random, just a person, a reader, a photographer…really don’t know, everytime it makes me laugh, I tend to be like that sorry. All said guess if you did get annoyed by it, does it means the post suited you? what are you doing with your life after all?

Kiss Off